Penguin Drop Caps Series by Jessica Hische and Paul Buckley.

Jessica Hische and Paul Buckley have collaborated on an exciting new project, a series of cover designs for classic literature featuring Jessica’s Drop Caps. The first six titles, below, look pretty amazing.

Check you favorite one here:

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Stop what you’re doing and watch this version of “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” from the first season of Sesame Street.  It is insane.  And there are hippies.

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By Cory Loftis

Moodboard: Wesley Wyndam-Pryce

Moodboard: Wesley Wyndam-Pryce

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The various things that Jareth does with the crystal balls (rolling them around his arms and in his hands and so forth) are not camera tricks or any other kind of special effect. They are actually done by choreographer Michael Moschen, who is an accomplished juggler. Moschen was actually crouched behind Bowie with his arm(s) replacing Bowie’s. Unlike a typical Muppet performance, however, he had no video screen to view his performance. In other words, his manipulations were performed completely blind.

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Brad Pitt 1988.

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Gotham aka “Jim Gordon’s Home for Troubled Youth”